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Meet, collaborate, and share with your team, peers and customers. Online video conferencing in an easy way.
Spread your know-how across the world. Interact with your audience.
Increase the reach of your training programs. Deliver web based training sessions using novel collaborative tools.
Build your customers' loyalty. A face-to-face discussion over a video call mainly contribute to building up a direct relationship with any customers.

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No special hardware required, neither special software applications installed onto your PC or Mac, just a web cam and microphone, as well as a JavaScript-enabled web browser, then communicate and collaborate in a real time manner with your invited attendees.

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Hypetalk is open to any system that has a minimum amount of browsing capabilities. We offer support for mobile devices, that may access the application by means of web browsers or dedicated HyperTalk mobile applications (Apple® iOS and Android™ platforms).

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About us

Why we are better?

HyperTalk Tools have been adopted by in the following domains:

Marketing and sales
showcase, engage and generate leads
increase sales team productivity
Human resource management
extend your recruitment reach using video interviews
assess soft skills and technical competences
perform internal assessments to remote staff
save travel time and costs
boost your video meetings using collaborative tools
attend your meetings on the go
enhance online support
share with peers
use your network expertise to benefit your patient, save time and lives
offer interactive learning sessions
extend the educational processes through satellite campuses
enable guest lectures to conduct online classes
take advantage of blended assessment methods
keep your customers informed with face-to-face video meetings
help clients map out travel plans
remotely assist on best legal options
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Learn more about us from Video

HyperTalk.Net is a cloud-based infrastructure that provides with video collaboration services such as web meeting, webinar and online training.

The web site – www.hypertalk.net - is dedicated to professionals acting in different domains such as IT, consultancy, healthcare, sales, education and training, HR, etc.) while HyperTalk CaaS (Collaboration as a Service) is customised for business entities, universities and colleges, as well as public institutions.