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Hypertalk Online Training

HyperTalk Training implements a complex learning/training approach that consists of:

  • individual study support
  • (a)synchronous collaborative training
  • problem- and project-based training
  • hybrid classware concept
  • blended assessment


  • Online class
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Project- and problem-based learning
  • Interactive educational resources
  • Online assessment
  • Individual study suport
  • High degree of interaction: student-student, student-tutor
  • Mobility: iOS, Android

Why Online Training?

Interactivity - This is the factor you should be focusing on during the company training sessions. Give the trainees the possibility to proactively engage and retain the information properly by avoiding getting bored in the first 5 minutes of the training act.

CaaS Advantages

  • Integration of training modules within legacy e-learning / training systems in order to extend their functionality and bring them up-to-date;
  • Cost effectiveness guaranteed by Hypertalk Private Cloud and resource allocation according to the online training activities;
  • Software as a Service for delivering collaborative sessions and creation of interactive training materials;
  • Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service like fundamentals of scalable and auto-configurable training systems, and resource allocation for special training programmes.

Tailored solutions

You have now the possibility to design your own solution while we are able to customise the HyperTalk Training API according to your graphics and functional requirements. This way, you can opt for HyperTalk Training CaaS tools (Collaboration as a Service) integrated with your website but hosted by HyperTalk Cloud infrastructure or a completely new interactive training system deployed by our technical team as an on-premises solution that runs properly onto your server(s).

Talk to an expert for details: +40 371 398 899

White Label

As mentioned, we are glad to customise the HyperTalk Online Training tools according to your graphics and functional requirements. A development team will be allocated for the personalisation tasks, from analysts and developers to QA engineers and devops specialists, as well as support guys, if necessary. Our mission is to make sure you are happy and your clients too. This means that we shall continuously provide a wide range of "after sales" services.

Talk to a specialist

Talk to an expert for details: +40 371 398 899