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HyperTalk CaaS

On-premises and cloud data centers will almost certainly co-exist for the foreseeable future. It's up to you to determine which is the most appropriate place for your specific video collaboration needs.

HyperTalk offers flexibility and expandability that small and medium-sized business might not otherwise afford, allowing for UI and functional customization of such collaboration tools.

The network capacity and feature set can be changed from day to day if necessary so that functionality keeps pace with demand and resources are not wasted.

No risk of the system becoming obsolete and requiring periodic major upgrades or replacement. HyperMedia is responsible for all hardware and software management and offers guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS).

HyperTalk CaaS Request


Case Studies

Customer: Consultancy Company


Video collaboration tools - web conferencing, video conferencing, annotation tools, document and presentation sharing, session control; SaaS integration;

Project description:

The customer, an important Romanian company with a real background in Consulting Area, needed a special video collaboration system to be integrated with the own web tools in order to improve the collaboration inside the company, as well as within common projects involving worldwide customers.

HyperMedia provided a customized HyperTalk WebMeeting version, mobile applications included, consisting of graphical and functional updates according to a well-defined set of requirements. These new tools are hosted by HyperTalk cloud infrastructure and integrated within the beneficiary web platform with the main goal of enabling the consultants to easily communicate and collaborate among the teams, as well as with external clients.

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No special hardware required, neither special software applications installed onto your PC or Mac, just a web cam and microphone, as well as a JavaScript-enabled web browser, then communicate and collaborate in a real time manner with your invited attendees.

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